Wednesday, September 12, 2012

JOBLESS part 1

Assalamualaikum dan Hi,

A very warm intro that could make me more sad. As you know, itu pun kalau ada yang mengikuti dan berharap aku kembali menaip... it's been such a long break from blogging. Yeah..really... but unfortunately I could not say that my break is something that wonderful. Not at all..

Sorry for bothering all of you with my long sad story that merapu. Well... i bet yes I am. I'm totally live with all these ridiculous issues around. 

No picture that I could upload even the fact is my phone was fulled with pictures that could tells millions of story. 

I guess I will kept myself mumbling about all of this thing that going on in my life. No picture will describe my real feeling. 

As far you can see, this entry totally about my current situation that 'JOBLESS'. Well...well... yeah.. Mungkin korang akan cakap benda yang aku selalu dengar... Usaha lagi.. Mesti ada kerja yang lebih baik.. Cuba je kerja apa-apa pun....

Well... Stop it. I'm tired and really sick with all of this. Really...

It bothering me and make me sad. Aku sendiri tak tahu nak cakap macam mana dan kalau korang rasa blog aku ini tak sesuai dengan korang, it's okay. Stop wasting your time and stop come here.

I just update this entry as it comes from my bff who seem wondering why I'm kept myself away from Twitter and Blog. Well my dear, this is the main probs here. I'm just sick of it and hoping the time will stop for a while. 

I dunno what else to say. Just let it end here. Selamat BEKERJA buat yang bekerja... 

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1612f said...

jazz goodluck! fighting!