Thursday, May 3, 2012

Keep Breathing


This week is my sick week which I'm not feeling well. Maybe due to bacteria infection from cats at hometown. Maybe. I'm not sure but 80% sure that all this caused from it. Pretty sure because last weekend I went home and my last day at home, I got flu and sore throat. 

I need to push the others to keep neat that home. So hard to ask anyone who grown up with "lazy + manja" treat by mom. Huh. Act, me too. I was such a lazy girl when I was young but when I grown up and living with independently, I know what,why and how a house should be. Really. My attitude changes when times goes by. Even there are times where I still with my lazy attitude to clean up my space. =)

After a few days with coughing and bad flu attack myself, I takes some medicine that I bought at 7-Eleven. Unfortunately, today before I went to train as usual I hardly cough and a sputum come out. It is quite surprisingly that my sputum is brown color. 

Fyi, when your sputum is brown or green color it is shows you have been infected by bacteria. Before this, on February I also got green sputum. Then the doctor almost mad on me because of late checking. The medical bill is RM90 for antibiotic, cough and flu. For myself, the bills are expensive enough when you should pay it cash okay and at the end of the month I got the claim back. Therefore this month, I'm not sure should I go or not. My budget are not enough for myself to go get the medicine. Poor me right? It's okay.

My solution? I read more on this sickness then I should take care on my meals, environment and anything that related. Right now I really exposed to the research because when I need to know about something, I will do my own research. 

I really hope it is okay. I need to spend more money for my daily expenses too. I'm quite heavy eater (kuat makan) okay. hehe... It really impossible I could save up on my meals as I used to love food and I will eat as much as I can. Hahaha

I need to recover as fast I can because it is not fun when you are sick. Really. Even I love my cats but if there is needs for them to go to their new owner, why not? When they are around also does not make me healthier but it is worsen. I should say goodbye to my cats even my eyes full of tears. Bye-bye cats......

foot note: hukhukhukhuk*coughing sound 


faha said...

ala siannye. get well soon okay.
p/s: maaf lambat bt payment kerana saya sdg exam final huhu. Jumaat esok esok! :)

Cik Jajika said...'s ok la.... =)