Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Comes!!!

Good morning Monday. Happy to work again and smile in wonderful day today. A lot of story happen to me during this weekend. From bad to good. First thing that I made worst to my old schoolmate when I'm directly scratch her feeling. I should not say that. I knew it already before I do it but unfortunately I made it!! Damn..Opss...hehehe... What should I do. She remove me from her friend list and the most worst thing is she block me. I can't say my apologize to her at all. Luckily Syafiqa (my old schoolmate aka my neighbor) commented on my post. She said that girl really mad on me. Totally make me felt guilty. Really. I'm so sorry about my bad mouth. Soooo sorryyy.... Please anyone say my regrets to her.. Please... I can't communicate to her, talk or even do anything right now. I need someone that have a kindness heart to be our mediator. Please.... =(

My sad face.. =(

Let put aside my first problem. Second occurrence happened was Futsal Tournament okay. Quite awkward to attend with less of people I known. Hahaha. Just sit at the spectator's place and talk a lil bit with some people that say 'hi' to me. Others, just see and smile only. No word at all..hahaha.. Congrats to batch 9A again after winning the championship for straight 3 years (for 3 times its being organize). You all really talented, young and have passion on what you do. This is your last tournament right? All of you (Insyallah) will be go for On Job Training (OJT) soon. Good luck and well done.. =)

After hangout with them at upper NZ (NZ atas, Wangsa Maju), I go back home but the other boys gone for swimming at Jeram Kemensah while I'm taking a nap..Hahhaa... I think it has been long time that I'm not taking a nap on the evening. Hehhe...It felt so good...Hehhee

Happy 21st Birthday Jaja!!!! =)

Today ( a moment ago) Jaja, my BFF called and said its her Birthday today!! OMG, how could I forgot bout that? Hehehe... I wish her to be always happy and hope she will stay away from any bad guy that always make she sad. I luv u dear. May Allah bless you wherever you are. Amin..=)

Lastly, a lot of things I need to pay. All my allowances will be gone as soon I get it..=( ...How suppose I save my money?? Ermm...Never mind, all my fault okay. So I should face it with full of regret... hahhahaa...... =P Next time I should not planning or use the money. But can I?? Hhahahhaa

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