Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cita-cita (Ambition)

Assalamualaikum (setelah sekian lama buat entry tak bagi salam..ehehe),

Good morning Malaysia (acting lebey), today entry is about my ambition. As you know if you really knew me better I'm a person that love to have a day dreaming (according to Pn. Roziyanah aka my Mum). FYI, I'm not only day dreaming without any effort. I know that I totally mess at my high school and full with laziness until my mum always nagging at me..hahaha . I believe that I can do it but i don't have passion and I'm not inspire to do it that's way I will not fight to study hard either smart.

Right now, I've changed okay. I study smart and I don't like to let go any opportunity at all. Today I'm new me. A lot of people from high school can't get into me because I'm not the old me that lazy and always be negative person. Now I'm standing here with positive atmosphere to accept and face anything in front me.

Actually I take quite some time to finish this entry because my pack schedule on my job... Hehe.. Below are few of my ambitions:

1. Be a mom to my child =P
2. Be a wife to my husband
3. Have a good work
4. Travel to any place I want
5. Live in a medium standard (don't prefer at High Standard types..ehehe)
6. Have my own asset
7. Buy a car
8. Have a home (kampung style hehehe... bestnyerrr....huhu)
9. At least have a business whilst working as a housewife
10. Got a happy family either with husband's family or mine (a huge wish okay!)

Still standing and waiting =)


Tyazizul said...

hye dik,thanks a lot for the compliment?keep in touch ok..

btw ..i love your background song ..:)

EZAN IDMA said...

may ur dream comes tru :) follow u :)

EZAN IDMA said...

may ur dream comes tru :) follow u :)

Princess^of^Hemp said...


Kak Tya - Tanx kak..I'll always view and read your blog. Love it. Really =P. Luv this song too...huhu

Ms. Ezan - Tq sys...u 2..Read ur blog already. Dont upset k. Single doesnt mean ur alone..=)