Thursday, June 7, 2012

Review Movie Men In Black 3

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

How's your day peeps? Today I keep thinking what I should write about as my workload *can'twaittobefulltimeblogger, and also I'm having headache right now. So, I'm kinda in pain while writing this entry.

Have you take a chance to take a look at least it's trailer? Well you better skip it and go directly to nearest cinema and watch it by yourself. I heard some of peeps said that the Men In Black 3 are weak than Men In Black 2. Well for your information that I really enjoyed and love the Men In Black 3! It s super cool and enjoyable. Yet, really funny too *asusual.

I watched this movie at Genting Highland during our Charity Movie Screening. Fyi, it is my first time ever watching in 3D! yeah.. Pap Pa Le Oo Lei!! haha. I enjoyed myself and for me the movie should be the top movie this month. Below are some of the synopsis for the movie  


The intergalactic criminal Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) is aided in escape by his girlfriend, Lily Poison (Nicole Scherzinger), from the LunarMax prison on Earth's moon. He is intent on going back in time and killing Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), who on July 16, 1969, shot off his arm and captured him. After investigating a spaceship crash in New York City, and following a skirmish in a Chinese restaurant, Boris appears, and K and J give chase. Boris reveals to K, "you are already dead, you just don't know it yet," and then disappears in an explosion. K deduces that Boris has escaped, and K regrets not having killed him. He returns to his apartment, where all traces of him disappear. Agent J (Will Smith), however, still remembers K, though no one else at Men in Black headquarters does. source : here

This is Boris The Animal. He really hates being called that. When anyone call him by that name, he will really mad! Haha. But when you think about that, the name fits him because he's also not a normal human. He's animal.. He also will kill Agent K because of his old revenge! Oh, Agent K!!!

This is new rides for this movie. Totally awesome and impressive with it's flexibility! I really want it for real. Mr. Polis, can I ride this on the road? 

Agent J back to history and try to save Agent K! Right there he met the younger Agent K which I see him so handsome and different than older one! Like seriously, why they are different attitude? You need to watch this movie and understand the main reason why he changed a lot... 

In the middle is Griffin. Boris hunt him and want to destroy his generation. He capable to look to the future and also know our history. I really love his capability! So cool right?

In this movie also, we will know much about the Agent K & Agent J. We never aspect it will be like that but yes it is. The real answer why Agent K called Agent J to be his partner will be answered too. So what are you waiting for? Don't waste your time and be the next that grab the Men In Black 3 at the cinema!! Yeahh!!!

Star = 4.5/5

foot note: planning to Madagascar 3 soon =)


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