Friday, May 11, 2012

Bare Your Heart & Soul With Kenny G

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

I really excited when at first time I'm joined a lot of contest and GA. It's not that I'm chase the prize or any other else. This time I really want to participate and try out my luck. Not more than just for fun.

BUT this time is no fun at all okay. I'm pretty super excited to join a contest to win a pair ticket to Kenny G Live Concert at Genting!! Yes, I meant it and no kidding okay. This contest brought by Genting Evangelist also provide accommodation for 2 days and 1 night. How cool was that?

Why I deserve the tickets? Do you know what type of genre Kenny G perform? I bet you should know that he's music more to Jazz genre with his incredible saxophone. When I heard his songs that he collaborate with Weezer "I'm Your Daddy", I really love it. Yes. REALLY! =)

Even I could not erase his present in my childhood as my parent both love his songs too. Sometimes they sing his songs with us. Do you believe it? Even myself don't want to believe it okay. Fyi, our siblings also being named with 'Jazz' (except my brother). My name is Jazzeyqa and I have another 5 siblings who named started with 'Jazz'. Believe it? Yeah, you should!

Therefore I would like to tell you that Kenny G or his Jazz genre is one of the phenomenal star in our family and also mine. His name will never be disappear in our history at all. So, please give me the chances to meet him as I never seen him with my eyes and I hope I could this time at Kenny G Concert!!!

foot note: wish for my participation 

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