Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things To Remember


Today I'm quite mad and it is increase by my headache probs. I'm mad with myself because I'm too soft-heart with someone that I know. Until I felt like I'm the beggar. Stupid! Sorry.

Things like this is really out of my control. I shouldn't let him get what he want from me. So I should just think is positively and I should remind a few things in my head to avoid my heart being hurt anymore!

1. Never borrow him any cents (money) even he said he will pay it because he will not pay it until you have hurt yourself!

2. Don't be too gentle anymore. With anyone!

3. Keep working on your budget. Keep it decisive as long as you can!

4. Don't think bout it too much.

Just pay my money then I will be fine. You should know that I'm not the borrower but you are! So you should be nice to me rather make me like beggar! Understood??!!!

'leg note': you really hurt me deeply inside!

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