Thursday, March 15, 2012

Addiction Dream High 2


First of all when you read my title for today please do not misunderstand. It's not the negative things that made me addict okay. It just a drama and well let me tell you that it is a korean drama. Yes, as usual peeps..hehe

I think my addiction does not that chronic until when I'm not watching it, I will die immediately. It's not. Really, please trust me. *cross fingers

Well, the most latest drama that keep me updated is Dream High 2. Firstly, the main reason why I love and keep follow its' latest episode just because its main cast which the one I really love to watch - Jiyeon T-Ara.

I really love see her acting, dancing, talking and actually I fall in love with the way she is. She is so adorable until I will watch all video or show that she had attend or involved with.

I know she's a girl but it is wrong if I adore her as my idol? I really don't think so. Please watch anything about her. I think you will adore her too. hehe (it's so hard to pick randomly her picture because I love almost all of her picture)

Okay-okay, back to the main things that I want to share with all of you. Below are some information that I've google before.


A three-member idol girl group, HershE, transfers into Kirin Arts High School. The popular idol group has to team up with another boy group in school.
This drama shows how students of different backgrounds collaborate together and overcome challenges to achieve success.
In Season Two, Kirin has fallen from its top arts academy status into dire financial straits and is in danger of closing.


Main Cast

Jin Woon plays Jin Yoo Jin, a mischievous student who dreams of becoming a rock star.
Kang So Ra plays Shin Hye Sung, a poor student who learned music through reading guide books.
Park Ji Yeon plays Lian, a vocalist in the girl group HershE. She dreams of becoming an actress rather than a singer but lacks the talent in acting.
Hyo Rin plays Nana, the leader and lead vocalist of the popular girl group HershE. She is a broad-minded and cheerful girl that has a hidden secret.
Park Seo Joon plays Si Woo, a member of the male duo I:dn that is enrolled in Kirin. He is an attractive idol star who knows how to make female fans' hearts flutter.
Im Jae Bum plays JB, a member of the male idol duo I:dn that is enrolled in Kirin.

Ailee plays Ailee, a vocalist in the girl group HershE. She possess lots of talent but her disrespectful attitude make her into an idol with a bad reputation

Not forget is Jin Woon 2AM which I totally fall in love with as his voice really nice and made me crazy with. Please google about him and hear his song. The most favorite or my choice are 'You Walking Towards Me' and 'Starlight Is Falling'. Love it!

So, lets watch this drama together! I've watched until episode 13 and tonight will be episode 14! Bye!

leg note: let's go to Kirin Art High School =)


faha said...

semangat tgok dream high dari season 1 eh cik jazz? hahahahaha

Princess^of^Hemp said...

biasalah...fav drama...hehe.. tak minat ker?