Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Its Weird


There is something that i should not say bother me but just make me think. Yes, I'm a thinker okay. hehe. Nothing much just a simple subject.

Things goes weird when you sat on a seat which beside you there are someone that you never know who are they but they are seated beside each other. Whether they are men, women, kids, older, foreigner and what-so-ever. We never know each other.

But still... We sat beside each other. Sometimes our physical accidental touch each others. Please don't misunderstand about word physical. Physical what I meant was too general to be misinterpret by anyone. It might be represent body structure, a part of body, bag, or anything else.

Kinda weird when you sitting beside them and wait until the train arrive on each station. We may seat beside each other while we never know them and sometimes there are some of us really greedy to grab any empty seat from the others that more need it than themselves.

Maybe you may read this entry as I'm too naive with this uncontrolled things related with our peeps. But does not everyone realize that we should negotiate with the other? The most I hate about the situation is when there are peeps that used the chance and lied as they really need the seat.

When I see these situation, I always laugh to myself. If they really need the seat then they should be in the special category or they should bring their chairs. Hehe.. That's why I will avoid to ride a train that full of peeps as I know that I will add-on my sin only. hehe...

For me, which you might call me as 'naive' or what-so-ever names but it is still weird and it's getting weird from days to days. I really hope that I will back to my hometown which this train are not exist at all.

'Leg note': I rather standing than racing to grab the empty seat. Please give it to them that are need it. Bye!

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