Tuesday, June 14, 2011



Yup...I am horrible right now. Quite dizzy for some reason that either myself not sure why. So hopelesss la..

Sorry...this entry doesn't meant to hurt myself with harsh or abrasive word. Ermm.. I just felt nothing. Hard. Difficult. Complicated etc. All this feelings make me hard to easily breath every single moment in my life.

I know I should thankful to have a LIFE. I totally knew okay. Just things come like a stone that being throw from 10 miles away. How suppose am I be cool always?

I'm not an angle that could be smiling to whatever happen in her life even yess, I really want to be like that. Maybe just in my dream only.. I'm never be an angle. Ever. Unless, I can make an angle to be my idol. I may not become her but I still can learn to be cool and smiling to others.

For those that read this entry, I want to say my apologize because this entry just like 'tin kosong' only. I just write everything that I felt. What I face, heard or even smell will be translate to an entry.

Sad. That's my feeling. Sooooo sad. But I tried to be thankful. Always tried. I'm not perfect. Sometimes tears might be fall down even though I need to hold it. Yes... I need to hold it for a while. Just a moment before something come to release my burden.

I don't want to be fake. Everything does not okay. I hate plastic people. But when I forcing myself to smile, I hope I'm not a plastic people too. Hope not... Really.....


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