Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Lunch

As my previous entry, we all(me n my sista) planned to get a lunch at Full House but suddenly before we go out, I made her to change her mind. The reason just because I've make some research and the portion that be given at Full House not much as I expected. A lot of people comment on the portion of their food. So, I don't want to get a lil food okay.

Therefore we change our plan and go to Nandos... Delicious but fulled with people. Hahhaa... Nyummy... Total spend at Nandos around RM49.++... For me, it really worthwhile... What make me more curious, the Extra Spicy/Hot doesn't make any effect to me. Their food or sauce doesn't spicy at all..Hahaha... But angah eat until her look like crying..hahhaa... So funny. She look a lil weird when I said it doesn't get to me at all...Sorry dear but I'm telling the truth.

Next time I want to treat someone at Nandos...Who????Heheheh.....Of course Aiman la...hahahha...Muah2....=)

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