Friday, April 29, 2011

Lovely Friday!!

Hhuhu..Sape kate Jumaat xbest? I totally love Friday so damn much. Really... Ask me why? Hehehe.. Tomorrow I will go back home!!! Sooo happy...Boleh main2 dengan Kiki comel..Miss her so much..Heheh... Other than that, I miss my mom and my siblings. I miss everything at hometown including my BFF, Jaja..hehe..Rindu nak hangout dengan die..=)

Picture full house cawangan OU (kalau xsilap..hehe)

Today my sista, Jazzeyra will treat me a lunch at Full House (click link nie). Make me a lil bit happy + excited. Hehehe... Just like my dream to go there and finally the time has come. Luv u angah(bodek)..Hahhaa.. The place look really white and gorgeous. Like a fairy tale. Hahhaa...

All of you must go there. Seriously...!!! I will update some photo of Full House...Hehehe...So excited.. I will leave the office earlier(lari jek..hahaha).. and i need to be in the office back before 2.30pm..Hope I will be punctual..ahahhaa.. Never mind...Let's eat...!!!!hehehe

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