Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DiGi WWWOW Awards Invitation!!!!

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

Have you read my previous entry about the DiGi WWWWOW Awards? It is so hard to get the ticket tau nor being  nominate. It's sooo noob! Haha. Well on my entry that I've joined after DiGi make a contest announcement, I guess my luck will be end like that. But...ermmm

Do you know 'Daebak'? It is a word from Korean language and usually we used it when we met, see, feel or what ever you faced and it is totally awesome! Yes, it is. I'm so freaking shock when I've received an email from Emelia Chan from Nuffnang and she said I am invited to the award!!! WOW!! Please see the picture below...

It is so great yet fantastic! Like my dream comes true! haha. Daebak!! I really speechless and thanks Allah for your bless and fortune for myself. I think my destiny will be Nuffnang. hehehehe... *kipasjangantakkipas. After I read the email with 150k/m I replied it. Without any hesitate tau tau..hehehe

I'm gonna find a suitable clothes for that fabulous day! Right now, I need to find someone who can be my driver also my partner of the day. Who want to be a volunteer, please raise your hand...! =)

foot note : super duper excited!!!Yeahhh


NasZ said...

wah...best2. tahniah2.




Cik Jajika said...

hehe...rezeki... Alhamdulillah.. =)

piggy697 said...

wow, this is nice ^^ between where can we find the winner list for this award?

Cik Jajika said...

Piggy697 : winner list? the award does not held yet dear. it will be held on this saturday. But if you meant that you want to look for the nominees / contestant, you could take a look here >> << Thanks. Hope this will help you.. =)

Anis Athia said...

yeay, see you soon ^_^

Cik Jajika said...