Monday, May 7, 2012

Nestle 100 Years Contest


Well today I should say at first 'Hey Monday!' to all of you. I know all of us have Monday-Sickness-Called right? If not that's mean only me la tuu.. =P

When I was visiting my cool new June Blogger Friend (you can view them at my side bar), I found a new entry about nuffnang. Yes, my hunny bunny Mr Nuffnang yang itu la... Hehe. Suddenly I remember to update my nuffnang account and bla bla bla.

Do you know about the Nestle 100 Years Contest? Fyi, I'm not update about the contest at all and that's why I want to tell you how much I really regret on it? Never mind because the contest still available and all of us may join it. Yeah! Pap Pa Le Oo Lei..

I joined it a few minutes ago and hope to get win! Haha... No la. I really competitive and love to join any games/competition/contest. Sometimes when my luck comes, I'm pretty enjoyed it. *biglaugh

You should choose your category of year then continue with type of brand and story. You can choose from simple writing, upload photo, upload video or others. It's up to your story. The winner will be choose by each month and each category. 

My participation... Search and read it okay...=)

If you are interested, you guys can also read my story and let me know yours too. I really don't mind. That's what a friend should for. =)

foot note : love to meet my new cool June blogger =)

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Nina K's Luviee said...

nice blog...jom follow my blog,i'll follow u later

Cik Jajika said...

Followed.. =)

_NisaFuzi_ said...

hye, terbace comment kat nuffnang ! congrats terpilih gi genting esok :)
saje nak tau, ade dapat email tak pasal details event tu .

Cik Jajika said...

hye... Tak ada pun.. masih menunggu... awak pun terpilih ker?

_NisaFuzi_ said...

aah. tp duk tunggu email. tak dapat ape pun..
ingat kan kite sorg tak dapat..

Cik Jajika said...

Tu la..rasanya tak pergi la kot. Lambat sangat email dia. Susah nak plan la macam ni.

Klau betul nak pergi sangat, cuba contact admin dia.