Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Word For Today


Quite a long time I'm not update my entry in English right? After a while I guess my english become rusty already LOL.Hahaha. So firstly, sorry if my language does not appropriate to English dictionary okay. I know that my verb, grammar, etc were totally mess right? Sorry..*facepalm

Let's begin our English class...ececeh...Hhaha. Last word for today because this is last entry about you and for YOU. Yes...for you (for those that I meant). Too much word and speech I've gave to you but nothing happen to you. It make me really disappointed for a few years we known each other. I don't know if you think that I'm nothing but for previous days, I guess it really the truth. That you really not my friend anymore. Just past memories but not for the future. Maybe. I really don't know.

Sad? Miss her? I really don't know. How am I suppose to have that feeling toward someone that make you like a mess and place you at the garbage? Tell me? What feeling that I should felt right now? You crying? Are you? For what? For him? Why? Because what happen yesterday is your choice and tomorrow is your fate for what you've done.

Am I cruel? What about myself? Who am I? I am me. If you know me, you should know what I felt. If not, don't ever dare to tell me or others that I'm cruel to you. You deserve what you've done. Not only for me, but to the others. Sorry but right now 1 word to describe you. PLASTIC! That's you. I hate you because you make me do. I try not to gossip about you. I really tried. Sometimes I failed and because I totally mad on you, I will directly condemning you with the others.

I don't know if you will realize. I don't know and I think enough is enough. Once you throw me away, I'll never forgive you. Maybe for now. Later, we never know. Whatever happen I will remind in my head what you have done to us just for a GUY! You and us, for me just a past memories. You never be my friend anymore. Chances that I gave to you make me like a beggar in a town. I never sad again to lose someone that make me hurt. I'm glad I never have a best friend anymore. Thank you for everything and no offend okay for anything. Hope to not see you again.


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