Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I heard that my result is very good which I got 4 Plat/Flat (do not know how to spell it), but I really wish it really happen. I really hope.

I'm on leave today. No work. No office hours. Pretty like it actually. Hahahhaa... At home alone right now and I planned to go to college around 11 a.m. and it is just around a corner. Hehe.. Really excited and if the result same as the news spread, I'm totally happy. Really. It really works....

Aiman just got 2.88 for his semester 4. Which quite disappointed me but thankful because he just increase his result from his previous one. He totally changes and I want him to become better than before. What make me abstruse is when his CGPA decrease while his GPA increase. So bad actually maybe admin make mistake while calculate his average. I hope they will change it if not, it will be effect to Aiman's result too.

Wish me a very luck all. Thank you. Muah..

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