Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Alhamdulillah or Thank God. My result goes well. Act, very well. Just like the news spread. I got 4 Flat for my semester 5. Make me so happy. Really. It is because I really tried my best for my last semester in college. I don't want to get only high score but I aim to be the best and the highest. Then I push myself to accept and make something. I don't care bout the others and finally I got it. I've receive the best achievement in my life as a student. Something that I never thought that I could get it.

There are so many people that I should thank for. My beloved lecturer, friends and my family. I really should thank to them. Thank you so much all. Thanks for your help. To Mr. Rahim, thanks for what you gave to us before our final exam. Without your help, I will never break the line. Love all of you.

After this, I believe with Tawakal, Solat Hajat (with true intention), and a lot of venture is very important. Btw, I need to focus on my OJT. Really. I must hold this in my hand. Go Go Chaiyokk...!!!

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