Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Still thinking what I should eat for lunch. Alone again. So bored. No friend to hangout. I wish I had a good friend here but I guess it's just a hope..Hhahaa....Never mind. I don't care bout that too much. Just the menu for me...That's more important okay..Hehhee....I love food so much but I need to control and find something else rather than rice!!Hahhaha..

Just now I'm read my sis' blog. What I realize that there is good point when she start staying with me. My life quite flow well and what the most important is I get to know her much better than before. Some part of me make me change my perspective to her. She such a kind sista even she's cruel and sometimes horrible...hahahaha.

This week we will go back to our hometown. That's make me relief a lil bit act. Hehe... Quite bored with work sometimes but I don't have any other choice. I need to go it through and take all the lesson around me. Learn and learn!!!hahaha...

Okay, it's 1.00pm right now and I need to go out lunch..heheh...Daaa....

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