Saturday, January 22, 2011


Maybe all of you wondering who is Fahamokha90 right? She is one of may besties from the kindergarten until right now. Even it has been quite a long time im not see and hangout with her, i still think she is my besties forever. Right now, i never talk my personal things details to any of my besties. My love is the only one know everything.

Why suddenly i wrote about her? It is because a few seconds ago, i read her blog. What happen to her and some of the word really emotional to me. About her mum, dad and even herself. It is a part of her that i never knew and i dont even know in my entire life. But i really know her feeling and herself. Sometimes it is hard to write or listen about the others part of their life that really emotion and personal. I understand and i know why i dont know about that.

She is the one that i will express my feeling, sadness or happiness whilst the school. I love her and i love to be with her. She will listening and think positively. What she will do just laughing and will not support my negative thinking..Hahhaa....Missed so much the moment.

She is really put evrything about herself secretly and will not tell anyone if she in trouble moreover in her personal life. She will never tell anyone. For me, she is my idol and one of my best friend i ever had in my life. One more thing that i like is she born in 16 December 1990 and it is the same month with my birthday.

Dear Fahamokha90,
I miss u so much. Be strong and keep strong, I know u can do it better and bet all of the expectation that all of them put on u. U can do it. U such a clever and intelligent person. Wait and we will meet soon...=)

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