Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Get Inspired at The DiGi WWWOW Awards

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

Do you ever heard about DiGi WWWOW Awards? Please don't show me your blur face dear. Chill out with this up coming event because DiGi will give out free tickets! Yeah! Pap Pa Le Oo Lei *promote my blog!!haha

To win the ticket, we need to post an entry with title 'Get Inspired at The DiGi WWWOW Awards'. It's so easy bebeh. Keep your fingers ready and let your ideas blown away Mr DiGi. So, they will give you the ticket *blinking eyes...

For myself who started blogging almost 3-4 years, I think I'm still a newbies or rookies in blogging world. At first I admit the passion to keep updating my blog just coming for personal reason. Yes, you may read my earlier entries that such a kid that dunno anything to write about! haha

Suddenly after that, I realize that blogging can generate group, culture, friends and also income! While I keep doing my own research to keep myself understood the 'trick', I was totally blank because I've missed a lot of opportunity in blogging world! 

I felt so inspired when a lot of famous or i should say 'fofular' blogger win and get well-known from their blog! I was like..urgghh.. Haha. Why? How? Who? So much questions that keep my mind going full with. When I 'skodeng' their blog, sometimes I got jealous. You know what? Their follower more than 10k! Like seriously? I think they have a look until they become a model or something. Again, like something slapping right to my face. I found a lot of other blogger that does not in 'model' categories and still well-known what? Not good la aku ni. Hehe

This time I really want to go to the DiGi WWWOW Awards by free tickets only. For the upcoming awards, I would like to be one of the candidate or should I call 'Nominee'! Yeah!! Fighting Fighting!!! All of this really comes from deep of my heart. Sorry for my bad English! I will learn much okay.. =)

foot note : i want it...i want it!!!

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