Thursday, May 31, 2012

Featured Post At Innit!

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

Today is Thursday and I'm quite excited for tomorrow event which you can view on last post >here<. I hope my partner will be available for tomorrow or I have to find other partner to accompanied myself! Oh no....

Also, my previous Giveaway session ended and already stated maximum about 101 participants! Yeah! Yeah! Pap Pa Lee Oo Lei!! Hahaha.. I know some of you can't wait the announcement come out right? Keep patient everyone. Even myself can't stop to think about it too. Yes...really...hehe

Do you ever heard about Innit? Innit is one of advertisement under Nuffnang that special for Glitterati members only! Fyi, it is same as or others but yet it still special for me okay. I've post an entry about Tips Income Dari Nuffnang that the copyright come from Jejariruncing

Surprisingly the post become one of the top when I copy screen the picture below *now it is more than that!!*.   I'm proud enough with the tips so I want to dedicate my thanks to Miss Jejariruncing or Elia for her brilliant entry that could generate so much information and better ideas for the others blogger. 

This is not a poyo's entry but a sincere entry for her. Thanks and good luck Elia for your upcoming DiGi WOWWW Awards on Fave Kay Poh & Blogger Of The Year Category! Hope at least you will bring back home 1 award for yourself! Will pray you dear. Anyways, don't forget to the others Glitterati members who 'nanged' my post at Innit! Thank you soooooooooo muchi muchi okay! 

foot note : smiling until ears!

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