Friday, March 16, 2012

I Want To Be A Maid


Do you have any available position as maid to cook for your family or take care of your child or take care senior citizen? Do you realize that i have bold the word 'OR'?

Yes, it was the demand from Indonesia for their maid to be work at Malaysia with payment rm700 per month. Wow, super cool right? That's why I would like to get the position as well. So good enough for myself yeah. hehe

A lot of Malaysian thinks that is such extreme demand as we at Malaysia still have a low salary payment monthly. How they will afford to bear their maid. FYI, they also cannot do any others work than their expertise. If we hire them to cook, then they only can cook. They will not entertain to do others task.

Again, it is really extreme demand. How could we pay rm700 monthly for a maid that only for 1 task? If at the same time you have kids and parents, then you need to hire 3 maid? So insane.

Therefore someday when we see someone with their maid then we will say they are really rich to afford their maid's salary... hehe

When we (my colleagues and me) discuss on this matters, all of them really mad. There is no logic with all this creepy demands. The best things to reduce our expenses are *some ideas really logic okay...ehhe* the maid need to pay all their bills consist of housing/room rent, water and electricity, food, and all of things that they need, they have to buy it by itself (their own money).

So, what do you think about that? Good ideas? Well, I think so as when their salary was RM400-RM500, we do not charge all they need. They got it all for free and only need to work. So when they want the higher salary then what about us? The only way only they need to pay all their expenses by themselves.

What about you? Do you still have any available position for MAID? *evil laugh

leg note: please hire me! hehehe

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