Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dream High 2 Finale


I'm glad to write this entry as the final episode of Dream High 2 has come to their ending yesterday. For Malaysian who watch at KBS, the drama still in progress yet so for myself that do not have any astro channel so I watch it on Youtube. Their finale was episode 16.

Their graduation day! (without HaeSung because she abroad to study)

It easier for myself and I don't have to pay more. Hehe.. Back to the drama, I really love the ending but I hope they could show me more. Yes, I want MORE highlight on Jiyeon aka Rian and JinWoon aka JinYooJin.

Really love them! Rian & JinYooJin

I hope they will marry each other or at least in relationship. Unfortunately, they not showing it. The best part when they show their life paths after 8 years they graduate from Kirin Art High School. They came back to gather at Kirin Art High School to do their musical together.

FYI, Rian become a world star after she win the final stage of Super Idol. Jin Woon become a rockers and a teacher at Kirin Art High School. Hae Sung become a famous boardway director while JB become a producer. For the others, you may watch yourself to know further. Hehe

Cute and very lovely!! Hehe

Hope the story will continue will more cool cast for next Dream High *if possible

Love Dream High 2!! =)

Episode 16

leg note: Bye-bye Rian and Jin Yoo Jin.. XoXo


Elia Si Jejariruncing said...

Waaa. Minat k pop ye. Kire pon minat tp sikit siit je.tak katam lg nama2 dorg ni. Huhu

Princess^of^Hemp said...

Wahh....nak kena buat review ni.. Elia komen blog cabuk saya ni..ehhehe..

Minat macam tuu je la. Mana yg jaz suka, jaz tau la nama dieorang. Kalau x, memang tak tahu pun..hehe