Friday, November 11, 2011

Tag? Why?


A few days ago my lovely friend aka FHMK ask me to answer her tag which she also got tagged from someone that I thought should be her friend larh kan. Hehe.. So below is the strict rules? Okay, because I am bad person maybe I will not follow it much...hehe..

Firstly, this type of tag will not suppose to find the end as there are a million or billion questions in this entire world unless there are number of peeps that lazy to answer it (like me??hehe). But as this tag has been requested by that cute girl so I still answer it k..=)

11 Bad or cute Or Gorgeous Or Wtver la things bout saya =)

1. I am me which I can be a quiet, crazy, hyperactive, lazy, temper, mulut longkang. maknenek, etc. Which I also always think that I am VERSATILE in short term..hehhe =)

2. I am not a crazy over korea and why peeps always say that? I also follow on Barat, Timur, Selatan Utara, etc. So I'm just a follower of the current phenomenon. Take note!

3. I am totally does not cerewet at all. Just Sometimes I would like to do it on my own way. I can be precise, clumsy and sometimes just at least a basis. But things goes differently in eating. I eat all that I can =)

4. I am Johorean and currently I'm staying at KL more than 3 years. So I'm quite sick with KL. Need to find tour to Korea i guess?? =)

5. I am working after I finished my diploma and still under management trainee. So I'm seeking for more adventurous work out there. Can give me one?

6. Yes, I am cute!! Okay tak statement nie? hehe

7. Easily fall down but hate a liar. Once u lie and stab back(tikam belakang) me, I will not forget it. Trust me!

8. Really need a friend and go out of country for a while right now!!

9. I hate peeps that randomly send msg to give free loan, video (porn ok!) , etc. Pls la, if I want I will download it by myself okay.

10. Hate myself for easily trust peeps and hard to push myself to higher level in my life. Tuu la, dulu malas belajar kan..haha

Okay.. I guess it is too much bout me rite? Just don't vomit in my wall yea..hehe. So I will answer FHMK tag rite now..May I? =)

Her 11 Danjerios Questions.

1) Any favorite blog you would like to recommend me to read? Why?
Yes but I think I should keep it secret as it is my fav blog rite? Okey, because u cumill, I bgtau k. It is asisul & her wife's blog. I think you should know rite? I really love this couple actually. Follow and know who is asisul k..

2) Have you ever fan-girling/fan-boying over something/someone? Elaborate. (Lmao this.)
Arghh.. Lame la.. U know who rite? Old story ma... (kereta hijau..ohhh tidakk..ahah) +D

3) Do you think you're independent girl/boy?
I hope so. And fyi i really tried to be it. I am trying even sometimes I might be failed. Still trying.

4) Any ironic life experience to share?
Become a lazy student in High school is my ironic drama. It is the causes and the main reason why all this life become ironic. Interesting? =()

5) What do you expect to see from yourself 5 years from now?
I hope 5 years from now I'm planning for my wedding. Hope so. =P

6) Any hidden talent that other people do not know about you?
I really love to join adventure to other country or any camping. It is really make me feel alive but Aiman will not allow me =(

7) Why did you choose to create a blog on the first place?
To share my feeling because internet does not know who am I and I also can choose who I can be.

8) Are my questions over the limit? Sorry, sorry.
Yes U R!! Hahahhaa

9) Money is not everything. Do you agree with the statement?
Yes. For example, I am working rite now will my salary only 900 per month and u can counts when it will be deducted with epf, socso n etc. I choose to work here because I love the environment. I have friends. But I still need to find another work because I need more experience and can u see that it still not comes to money first?

10) Recommend me a good place for camping? Lmao.
Janda Baik. really nice place. I can guarantee u..=)

11) Is tagging people necessary? Elaborate. Again. HAHA.
For a lil kids, the answer is yes. Words does not explained bout u in details. Hangouts and keep in touch to know others. It is much better. Agree??

As the lazy girl, I will not tag anyone or asking any questions. Love my friends. Really. Miss old time with u...=)


fhmk-- said...

kejadahnye hahahahahaha
ooo keta ijau haaa haha rindu aku kat keta tu merangkap tuan keta XD

ooh asisul tu si malaysian medalist Olympic kan? waa kelas isteri die ade blog biar aku bace dulu :))))

thank you la jawap tag saye cik jazz yg cute hhaa. ko sorg je ckp soklan aku susah, yg lain okay je hahaha

Princess^of^Hemp said...

hahahhaa....kete hijau..pon pon pon..hehe..

yup2...suke tgk couple nie...very the like...klau blog asisul die xactive sgt..wife die jela yg selalu active...hehe

bukan susah la..cuma kan xsuka leceh2 nie..hahahahahahaa