Friday, November 11, 2011

Konvokesyen Diploma


Dengan nada agak tegasnya (cewahh), saya ingin mengatakan saya akan konvo pada 12 November 2011 aka ESOK!! Okey, relax ye...hehe

Sorry to say, my lovely mom can't attend my convocation. Poor me but I really understand why. If I knew that she can't attend, I will not attend it too. It felt like useless for me. Just a cabuk diploma so it is okeyI guess?

Well, I already paid for the expenses which cost me rm250 (waaaa)...*duet melayang terbang* So secara tidak langsung my sista and my lovely Aiman will replaced my mom's place for that day. Still okay what dari tak ada orang datang? =)

The place is really make me weird and sometimes really bellyache. Not sure why but some peeps ask us to keep take care our words and behave once we reach that place. Sorry again, I totally forgot to mention where the convo will takes place. It will take place at ISTAC around Jalan Duta okay? =)

The hall.. like a C***ch rite?? ermmm

Okey, I will not talk much on the venue even the place itself look quite weird and horror rite? No more words rite? so just let it be..hehehe...

Can't wait to see my beloved course-mate...hehehe =)


JaZz RainS said...

mmg nampak mcm tu pon. SOoOOoooooooooooooOO weirdsssssssssss....

JaZz RainS said...

penat!!!! banyak sangat tangga!!!!

Princess^of^Hemp said...

xpe..boleh kurus..hahahhaa