Monday, August 1, 2011

Should I or Shouln't I?


Salam Ramadhan to all Muslim in this entire world. I love this holy month because it felt that all of us are so pure and 'white'. Till then, I have a lot of things to be complete for examples my current works, final project, business, college's fees and so much more.

For my first ramadhan, yes I want to make a confession. It's not like you thinks peeps. I'm not with intention to drink nor eat at all. I'm just WANT to drink which I totally forgot that we are fasting today. Haha. Well, poor me because I'm immediately remind myself before I take a cup of water. Haha. Normally while I'm working (in air-cond and it is freeze dear), I drink a plain water to keep my body warm and to avoid my lips from dry(as always). *my bad*

Okay then before I start to rub my nose and ehem ehem... (actually this is my weakness. My nose. I'm easier to 'teettt' it but luckily I'm always remind as fast I can. Believe me? Yes you should. hahaha... ). Right now I have a problems which I thought it suppose to be simple but it become complicated to me. Really. Horrible? Not until that point dear.

Should I or shouldn't I go to the place that usually make me felt bored, hopeless/useless, stupid and everything that make me feel bad with myself. I know.. Totally negative rite? What should I do? I don't have any other 'THINGS' than this to fill my days. After I make a 'Solat Hajat' few days ago, my heart doesn't let me go this 'THINGS' just like that. It is really hard to make a decision. A decision that will make my days or just ruined my life. Something that I really don't know and need the help to find the answer.

Lost? Not yet peeps. I'm still here with a bunch of problems in my pocket. I need a help to further my action which I really confuse with my own voice. I'm not lost it but I just don't felt it. Please....should I or Shouldn't I?

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