Monday, August 22, 2011

Her Tears Breaks My Heart


So sad when someone that you well-known or one of your family member crying in front of you. I might be not a perfect person in my life but I do have feeling and this freaking situation really make me mad.

Yes, I'm only the outsider in this case that's why I'm not taking any action while the moment occur. It's really hurting me when he's hurting her. How could him. Really sad when she falling her tears again and again.

I should give her some advise. Maybe. Should be? Dunno. Really blank. I think I should voice out what I think and felt. Can I? Really confusing with this damn situation.

As a woman, I know what another woman felt maybe not fully understand at least more than 70%. For those guys that think that they are not ready to make a serious relationship PLEASE do not give any hope to the girl. Stay away from them. Find another women that suitable with your on-off relationship. It is really hard for woman to survive with that stupid behave!

When you do not want any serious relationship, PLEASE tell them. Make everything clear. Do not wait and delay your real intention until they really love you ever after! It is really damn stupid action guys!

For 'she' that I didn't mention your name, I really know (maybe) you. I know how soft your heart could be. I really understand you. I know that I might be younger than you but I want you to know that I also have my own experience and I totally learned from my past. I know I'm only the outsider and it is hard for you to take my advice. But please do listen and read what I want to tell you.

Guy is a guy. Whether you like it or not, totally a guy will always picks his friend from us, his lover. Different goes with us. We usually picks our lover first from our friend. This situation is only a 'totally' not 'all' okay. So, you really need to read and listen carefully what I can advice you.

Firstly, let him go. Don't stop him from meeting his friends because he will hate it so much. When he's out from home, just ask where and with who he meet in infrequently time only. You don't have to call him until 100 missed calls and almost hundred messages. When you do that, it only make them uncomfortable.

If he mad with you because you always disturbing and stopping him from his SOCIAL LIFE, just let him go. Don't ever asking again bout him. No more question where he is, have he eat or not, with who he meet and etc. Let he go just the way he want it. He's grown up already. He can do anything. You are not his wife or his mom to know everything bout him unless he really pleasant to tell you.

When you stop your 'normal' routine which before this always take care of him, if he really love you, he will realize that changes and felt the 'abnormal' or felt something does not goes in the same ways anymore. You need to keep strong to IGNORE him and let him be what he really LOVE to be. You can keep 'spying' what he doing but do not show in front him.

Be independent in your own. Go anywhere without asking his help. Do everything without him. Let him see that you can do everything without him. This situation will make him lil mad because it shows that he's not important at all. Insyallah he will automatically want to help you. But you really need to keep independent.

Make him feel what they loss when he don't want to listen to you. If he wake up late to get to work, let him late. Your word will not affected him so let him take the lesson on his own action. His choice so his responsibility. You just need a BRAVE, STRONG WILL, and COOL ATTITUDE in yourself dear.

Lastly, the things that important that you should do is DO NOT EVER CRYING in front of him because it will make you look weak. I know that you sad but NEVER do it. He will like it and make you just like a small piece of THINGS that he enjoyed to hurt.

I do understand if all of my advice is really hard to be done but if you really love him, do it! Insyallah it will change the situation. Keep praying for his positive changes and don't ever skip my advice. Believe and keep strong dear!! I know you can do it! I believe in you!

I always keep in my mind these simple words that always be my motivator:

"If I need to stand in this world without a person called 'GUY' I will not crying for that. If he need to stand in this world without 'ME', he will crying for that."

"Loved the one that loved the way you are. Don't be sad if the one you're loved is not the one that loved you."

*i know that we might not ever share a story regarding our feeling but i do hate people that hurt the one i love. please take note bout that!


EZAN IDMA said...

yeah. kita na jadi permpuan hebat kene kuat dan bijak :)

Princess^of^Hemp said...

betul tu..=)