Monday, June 13, 2011

Red Velvet Cake


This week suppose to be our evening tea party to celebrate Major Jimi. Talk about the event, it felt quite hard to say that we need to say goodbye to him. For me Major is such great guy that always think positive and be realistic.

My task for the event is to prepare a cake for him. I deal with my sister that also a dealer to a baker at her office. I think it quite easy because I know my sister and to deal with her is not so hard. Me also such a choosy too while choose which design is better. Yess I am..Hhahahaa

After a while bargaining the price, venue and etc about the cake, finally I just bought a simple cake which is Red Velvet Cake (i love the peacan nuts at the cake..nyumnyum). I planned before to buy a cake that fully designed but the budget comes to the limit until I pick the usual design only. Poor me..Am i? Hehehe

Since I paid for the postage delivery too (still owed rm12..hehe), I decide to deliver the cake to my office's pantry because my house does not have any freezer. So sad lor...But its okay. Just place it a while and hoping the cake will be just fine.. =)

This is the lovely Red Velvet Cake

The cake look so delicious and I hope it is as usual or I will made LOL.Hahhaa. I really hope everyone will enjoy the cake so much. Actually I'm not looking inside yet since the box being salotip to avoid anyone open the box without permission. I don't know what the cake looks like right now. It is beauty just like before the delivery or not? I just can pray for the beauty. Hahaha... Amin...

Anyone that interested to buy or order cake for any event, you may go to THIS WEBSITE: JAZZRAINS for more details and more choice.. Daaa =)

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JazZ RaInS CaKeS OrDer "N" DeLiVeRy said...

setakat ni yg aku marah rasenye cume kwn angah sorg tu je kot. nk sama rasa yg angah bawak aritu. tp dia order 3 hari sblm. mmg la rase x same. huhu