Wednesday, April 20, 2011

#What's going on??#

Act a lot of thing happen to me around this week but I really don't have suitable time to wrote down in my lovely blog. Never mind, let it pass us and I got new story here. I totally freaking mad with this 'akak' or should I call her 'mak cik'..hahaha. I suppose to finish my task to laminate the evacuation route and place it at receptionist area. When I ask her to borrow the machine, she look quite angry. Then she ask if I know to use it but after I told her that I don't really familiar with it and need her to teach me, her face change until she look like a lion.

She then bring the machine to other table and simply REMIND me "Lain kali kalau nak pinjam mesin nie, suruh budak lelaki yang turun. I tak kan angkat benda nie tau.". In my mind I just keep mumbling, who ask her to lift it? I only want to borrow and ask her to show me how to use it. I can lift it la. No matter/problems at all. Beras 10kg pun aku boleh angkat. Lagi lah mesin kecik nie. Then she left after plugged it with "ON" mood. I must wait until the lights turns green. It take some time too act.

After I finish my task, I turn it off and return it back. With full and sweet smile I say 'Terima kasih kak' and I pass them by. Huh, such an arrogant person. Whateverlah. I will keep disturbing you 'AKAK'..hahahahahhahahahaa

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