Thursday, April 14, 2011


Today is work day. Of course quite bored as usual. What I do today just update my information/details at some website for job seeking (because I need new work environment after this)..Hehhee..

Yesterday, luckily I ask someone about my practical 'issues' that I've thinking for a while. I need to do something on that probs!!!Hahaha... (masaklah aku)...

Got new spirit today. New feeling..Hehhe.. A moment ago Muqsit asked about my result whether it's true if I got 4 Flat for my semester 5. He said because he saw leha's status yesterday on Fb. (bengong pnyer orang..Hahahaha).. I just keep it secret. Not agreed or disagreed. Just let it be. I really don't think it is such a big deal at all. Please lah. Really.

I am who I am. That's me. I don't like to be such attention. I don't like to be an issue. Whateverlah. Just don't make me a topic. That's all. Yes, I like gossips other, make them an issue or whatever. This is me. I like simple and proper things going on. It is up to me to do anything right? Huh. Nothing happen okay. Just smile. =)

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