Thursday, April 28, 2011

Morning Thursday!!

Good day today with new pants that I totally love the color. So cute..Hahhaha(puji diri sndri jek). Ada beberapa keje yang perlu dilaksanakan sempena beberapa event/training day. So arini kenelah call OSH Working Committee members untuk confirmkan meeting minggu depan. Agak best lah sebab ada keje. Kalau tak de keje lagi lah buhsannn....hehehe

Contoh gambar dari internet: Kek Batik

Last night, we all have a chatting session with Ekin. Miss her so much. She has brought us Kek Batik that she made by herself. Sooo delicious. It's taste like a cocopie...Hahhaha... She share her experience while present HIRARC yesterday that make me felt quite bellyache. I can't imagine what I should do if I'm facing the same experience like her. So scare...Really... It doesn't seem easy but the situation and environment whist being push and psycho is totally such a hard position to us. It will never be easy. Never. Just relax and know all the Act. We tried so hard and lastly we just need to pleased for the consequences. Hope i can do it. But the more important, hope I can present HIRARC by the scheduled or I will postponed my HIRARC presentation and present on the next batch. Wallahualam.

Tonight I will upload some photo that I captured today include my pants today. Hahhahaa... Useless work right? Never mind, I will keep update okay. Right now I have bunch of work to be done. Daa...Muchi Muchi...


kembang_memories said...

I MISS YOU 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1000000. I know you can do it better than me.. chaiyok2!!!

Princess^of^Hemp said...

xtaulah ekin...redha jela...ermm