Thursday, March 31, 2011

Long Time No See

If you wonder why I’m chosen the subject as 'Long Time No See' it is because it been quite a long time that I’m not written any update here. For the second reason is because it is my favorite quote ever after I’ve seen it at ‘Dream High’. It is so adorable word for me whilst I’m remembering Kim Pil Suk and Jason’s scene. hehehe…

A lot of stuff change and happen in my life in a short period. Feel like I should be aware more to avoid any uncontrolled condition..hehehe.. I meet new people, bosses, rules etc. Too much thing that I can’t explain what I felt or what I want to say. It just happens to me and whether I like or not, I have to accept it. Actually I’m not saying it is bad but actually has to say that it is interesting drama playing in my life right now. It made me believe what I can do, change my ‘Old Malay Perspective’ and anything la. Be positive and right over here I’m learn new principle that I or we should hold on. It is ‘DO NOT SAY NO BEFORE DO IT AND DO NOT SAY DO NOT KNOW’. This is the main key that I should stay in mind and it usually keeps playing in my head over and over again. Hahahahhaa… For those people that think it is the only quote, I’m sorry because you’re totally wrong. There are too many quote that you may be heard here okay and I’m sure that you gonna learn and remember a lot..Hahahhaa…..

For a conclusion..hehe….I really need to learn so much more knowledge in this entire world. In my practical, I realize what my weakness is and it make me to become so active to be fast learner. To all, please support me and wish me a better luck. Thank you. Peace no ‘SATAN’..hahahaa

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