Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Friday on 2011


Today is the last day of Friday on 2011 and also December 2011. Are we going to missed these days? Maybe. Not sure.

The things that make me remember the day just the moment with my beloved friends. We hangout together and spend our precious time chatting. Really.

Other than that, I also learn a few things today as I'm going to replace other receptionist that ALL on leave. No one could take over their position while all of them having their leave peacefully!

Yes, sometimes bad things do cross my mind. I confess that. It is because I'm not that good enough to be a positive person for whole time. *My bad

Therefore I just keeps think and always thinks even this task does not fit with my background but there is no probs if I help them (not being bullied okay!). As I'm just a trainee there do I should shut up and do it. It may give me more experience. Yes, as receptionist. I know that peeps.

I will do it as it will influence my evaluation of performance during my trainee there. No excuses for me. *Poor me

It is hard for me to admit that this task sometimes hurts me a lot. I've been given a task that are not challenging my skills related to my background. It is farrrrr away okay. Really. What should I do? Nothing right? Just do it as long the task does not pressurize me to get it done. I will not just quiet and be the black sheep. Never! *poyo time

Well, after a long mumbling about my.. What should I say for today? A precious, wonderful or the most ridiculous Friday? Not sure about the right emotion for today activity. It's up to you to think what should I say because either myself also get confuse. hehe *facepalm

Anyway, that is the story for today. Being given a task that far away from my background which also made me confuse for this whole week. Never mind, do it as long you are not being bullied.

Also, peeps I want to tell you TODAY IS THE LAST FRIDAY ON 2011!! Enjoy it...=)

Nota kaki : Still confuse with this awkward task

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