Friday, April 1, 2011


Really felt so nothing...I just don't know. I'm not start looking for my HIRARC's topic yet. Actually it's obviously make me bellyache every time I think about it. Yuks...It's not only nervous but totally make me depressed for a while. What is the most dangerous work in Mercu? I can't pick Gondola activity since Muqsit already pick it up. Ermm...God..Please help me. I need to do it early. Right now.

When time past down, I not realize that it been a month right now. A MONTH okay..This is really serious. I need to wrote down something right now!!! I mean right now. I know maybe some of you will say 'Relax dude, only a month. You got another 5 months la'...Argghh.. Up to you but i don't want to prepare on last minute. "Please... Just ask anyone. Don't be afraid. You can do it Ika!!!"

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