Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stupid Tears!!

I hate you
Again my tears falls!!

Mana janji ko!
Ko kate ko kuat!
Ko kate no more tears!!
Ko jangan pandai nak berjanji lah pada aku!!
Aku tak suke orang macam ko!!
Aku memang tau ko ni hipokrit orangnye
Tapi tolong wat aku macam ni!
Tolong jangan ganggu perasaan aku
Leave me alone!!!
Berhenti Ika!!
Stop it!!
Forget about it!!
Remember your promise to me!!
Once you remember
You will be okay
No more tears for any MAN!!!
There just you and me right here
Nobody will understand you more than I do
I love you so much
I love you if u listen to me!!
I'm the only one will support you no matter what happen
Remember your 'lover' too..
I know you miss him right
Quite a long time not seeing each other..
I also know that you really want to see him..
But you have to wait..
He's not near to you..
But he's spirit will be around to give you more strength for you get through your tough life my dear..
I know he miss you too


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