Thursday, November 24, 2011

Saggitarian (Fatin Suhana)


Entry kali ni aku nak citer pasal horoscope. Aku tahu memang tak boleh percaya sangat benda-benda macam ni. Sekadar membaca saja ye... Yang paling penting entry ni aku amik dari sini...ehehee

1. In a someway, sagi knows how to expect the unexpected.
2. sagi have a common sense. they either could be street and/or book smart.
3. playing safe is not what sagi do.. they go Big.
4. sagi is so charming that their love ones don't mind them being brutally blunt.
5. sagi tend to choose wrong words and sentences when they are angry.
6. sagi can be very frank.
7. sagi balance loyalty with independence.
8. sagi is and always be a child at heart.
9. sagi makes sure their fashion sense look good.
10. when u hurt a sagi, they ain't gonna ever forget because they don't
get hurt easily.
11. sagi is super impatient, if you make them wait, they're going to move on.
12. sagi works best when they're in under pressure.
13. when a sagi starts something that don't take long and interesting, they
will work on it to finish it.
14. sagi is super optimistic about the things they want to work.
15. when a sagi disagree with you, they will find every reason to prove it.
16. sagi don't just fall in love with you untill they know you can keep them
interested, but that's only if u're special.
17. sagi is a very curious person, they know that it leads to knowledge.
18. sagi knows how to make people open up and spill secrets. the problem is that sometimes it can be too much.
19. it takes a lot for a sagi to have an interest in you.
20. sagi have a bad temper, but they don't always happen or last long.
21.sagi cannot stand liars.
22. when sagi becomes the boss, they do a damn good job at it.
23. sagi may be the most perfect sign, because they are loyal, honest, blunt
and passionate.
24. sagi don't always like to be around somebody, they'd love their
'alone' time.
25. sagi often misunderstood because they tend not to show
their emotions and secrets.

nota kaki : banyak jugak yang sama..hehehe =)


fhmk-- said...

ahaha sagi-mates. betul byk yg sama. eh birthday 21 tahun ko dah nak dekat jazz hahaahha *^^*

Princess^of^Hemp said...

tau xpe...hehe..

sengaja la tuu..xpe2..dah besar.. kau pun coming soon kan? jgn lpe call aku tau..ahhaa