Friday, July 22, 2011



p/s: please do not read if korang tak cukup sabar nak tahan tengok my HARSH words in this freaky entry. Whateverlah kan. Peduli apa aku!....

Today I'm quite mad with someone that more suitable be called as my ex-friend. Sad? Nope anymore. Tired with that freaky stupid feeling. She is soooo annoying to me right now. Act, what she's thinking when she want to pointing out the blame on ME? WHAT THE HELL she's doing?? Do you think when you pick other as the black sheep you will be forgiven for such a nonsense action?

Sorry for such a harsh word that I'm using right know. But do you know that I should not say SORRY at all for it? Why? Easy, just think with your BRILLIANT BRAIN that ALLAH S.W.T. gave to us. Hurt? Why? You choose for what do you want to be. Don't blame others just because your own mistake.

I never said that I am perfect. Stupid! We never be perfect. I try to accept my mistake if I've done it. Please think why all problems come. ALL OF PEOPLE IN THIS ENTIRE WORLD have their own problem. Don't ever think that you have such a big problem even we never know others' probs. Be mature. At least for a minute! Stop being a childish. The problem comes because WE CHOOSE AND MADE IT. Problem never come without any reason. I guess that you will NOT learn anything yet. Right? If no, why you become more horrible person? Opss... I've told you to pick the right friend. You should know 'who' right, that I mention here?

You really lucky because I'm not home last night. If not, we might be fight just because your mistake and your blame on me. Do you mad when I pointing all the problem to you? So do I! I hate to say it but if you said it straight on my face, I will not hesitate to save myself with my word which I know it is true. At least I will not blame others!

Owh, I'm the one that hear what the promoter said when WE ALL AGREED to buy it? You blame me because it happen quite more than 1 years ago? So that's mean that you are such a hopeless person because what do you hear when we buy it that time? You questioned the promoter more than myself but now just because you make a mistake you want to clean up your hand? So BODOH lah!! Yes, I'm mad. Once you touch me, I will never back down.

You what to say that I'm the one listen and know about the agreement? SO CHILDISH. So bad the person that marry you! Even my lil sis know when we subscribe something or services, will be tide with the contract. But I never think it is the problem right now. The problem is you are not using your BRILLIANT BRAIN. You can ask first if there is charge back to you when you want to return or stop subscribe it. It is so hard to ask and think again before you do it??? Susah ker akak oi... You should ask us first but you are not. Then you want to say that's our problem?? The things or issue here when you want to say that everything is my fault. It is my fault when we are agree to SHARE it together? The way you say it just like I'm a liar that force and lie to you to subscribe it. NONSENSE! Lidah bercabang betul kau ni!! Memang aku marah giler!!! Tulahh, kawan dengan orang perangai macam cipan dengan kau-kau jadi cipan.

I really try to stop talking about you even sometimes I really want to kutuk kau. But I'm not! So kau nak tikam belakang pula. Kalau kau nak cakap kau menyesal sebab beli benda tuu, sekarang aku nak cakap yang AKU LAGI MENYESAL KENAL ORANG MACAM KAU YANG MENYUSAHKAN ORANG. Kau taknak susahkan ayah kau konon tapi kau nak kiteorang menyusahkan parents masing2 boleh pula? Serius aku memang sadis giler tengok kau ni. Kau nak marah ke, pe ke.. Lantak pi lah. Kau usik aku so jangan tanya kenapa aku BENGANG + MARAH dengan kau. Kalau nak sangat duit tuu n tak nak susahkan ayah kau, NANTI KITEORANG SUSAHKAN MAK BAPAK KITAORANG PULA YA. TERIMA KASIH SEBAB KAU NI MEMANG MENYUSAHKAN ORANG. TUU JE YANG AKU NAK CAKAP. MACAM AKU TAK TAHU, CAKAP BANYAK PUN BUKAN NAK DENGAR. KAU KAN PANDAI DAN SENTIASA BETUL KAN? KITEORANG NIE DAHLAH BODOH. TAK LAYAK KAU DENGAR NASIHAT OR KATA-KATA KAMI. WHAT SOOOOO EVER LAH MINAH OI...!!!!!!