Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who is Aiman???

Hye... Today i want to share with you about someone named Aiman. Who is he? He is one of my colleague. I do not how should I face him. I do not have special feeling to him and I just can accept him as my friend. For me sometimes he rude, hard to say, funny, sometimes romance and think he always right...

Being choosen to be loved by him is so hard for me.. I really do not know how to handle him. He my friend. That's all what I can say.

To Mohd Saiful Aiman Azhar....

I do not think we can make serious relationship at this moment. Why? There's a lot of thing that I really sure not encourage myself to choose u. I really thank to Allah because for being loved by u. But right now is my moment to enjoy myself. One thing that I'm sure, deep in my heart, there are someone that already stay in there.

Thanks again for what u have done for me. I'm sorry if every single word that I have said broke your heart but this is what I feel. I do not what to be hypocrite in this story. But I think that I also has my right to speak out what I feel and no one can force me to love u. If that one sweet day come and I fall in love with u, let that moment come slowly without any pressure k...


-the end-

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