Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My letter for you

Dear Mohd Rasidi Rahim,

Sayang kamoo..muaxx..there's a lot of things that make me fall in love with you. Even we just met a few times and being closed about 11 days(until 22nd june 2009) but i really love you.

I love you because i love your jokes that always made me laugh. You know that i really like to laugh right?hehe...

In my eyes, you are a caring person, very responsible, have a good heart, really motivated, brave enough in good ways, funny and more important you love me too and will take care of me.

Sometimes i always think that there is no logic at first time to fall in love with you but our heart told us something got to happen.huhu....

I really hope our relationship will stay until our last breath. I'm sorry if sometimes i've hurt your feeling but honestly on that moment i'm not ready yet. I really hope that you will understand and give me more time to keep myself ready. I really tried and never stop to tell everyone that we are couple or at that moments, we are together.

Sayang kamoo sangat2...XOXO... I never stop from remember or loving you... Sayang abang. I love you because of you. Please take your time to knowing me...


-the end-

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