Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

Have you heard the title? Like seriously, I never thought the movie will be this fun and adventurous genre. Fyi, I am a fan of classic english movie which the background of the movie is around 20 centuries. Yeah, something like that but usually I used to watch it at tv okey.

This story is about the Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter. Who is a young men that from his childhood have such bad memory when her mother was killed by a vampire. He grown up with the passion of revenge to the vampire, Jack Barts that killed her mom. 


He never knew that a vampire cannot be kill like a human. Likely, at meant time Henry Sturgess which is another good vampire came and save him from Barts. Henry teach Abraham how to be a vampire hunter even the biggest problem is Abraham itself does not realize that Henry also is another vampire. Henry need Abraham because a vampire cannot kill another vampire. Then he meet Mary his lover and Mary help him to be a political person. Therefore, bla bla bla.... Please grab your ticket at the nearest cinema! hihi

I totally love this kind of story but I think I'm the only one who constantly screaming when come to the part of movie that surprise me. hihi.. Well, some of the kill scene quite yuckksss to be watch okey... I admit that. 

This film is 18sxssnd%^%^&*jhghg%$% category.. Haha... sorry my bad. So if you are under 18, please bring a guardian or anyone along with you. Thumbs up for the director and the best thing ever should goes to the original novel writer. Good job... ~_~"

foot note : mr spiderman is next..hihi...

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