Monday, June 11, 2012

Review Madagascar 3 : Europe's Most Wanted

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

Last Saturday my friend and I went to Wangsa Walk Mall, and watch our first movie this month *together. As usual the best movie will win right? Then we chose Madagascar 3 : Europe's Most Wanted

I'm totally felt the movie is awesome and super cool to be watch again, again and again. Really. Fulled with colors and totally hilarious. You may do some research and read its full synopsis as well. I don't want copy paste the synopsis here and just wanna share with you guys about the movie from my view. It is okay? =)

I will say that, this part is totally different and its level has been increased by the genius idea of director making. I dunno what else to say but I'm in love with Madagascar 3 and I've planned as well to watch it again but in 3D soon!! Can't wait for it..hahaha

Last minute tickets. On 6.50 pm and totally late but our spirit is really high okay. Then keep waiting for the movie. While buying the tickets, we are waiting for the other couple that beside us to pick their seat and fyi, we are waiting for them to choose the other movie!. After they made their choice then we buy the seat that they pick earlier. Haha. So glad tau! haha.

My friend who really can't wait to watch the movie! She loves the popcorn too!! hehe

Myself with all of the stuff! Really felt like a Christmas tree LOL. ..haha.. The cardi is belong to one of my ex-housemate. Thanks...haha

Once again, it's me. This photo is much preferable! As we camewhore al around then we suddenly realize that we should enter the cinema. I thought we are early but we are not! Then we rush to the check counter and I'm running to the ladies first! haha. So clumsy. But the movie will not be forgetful! 

Rating : 4.8/5 star

foot note : i want 3D, 3D!!


mizzura said...

awat tak tgk 3D...lg best tau...cerita no 3 ni mmg best and giler2...cuma byk mengarut..tapi layannn..kata kartun..rasa nk lyn lg:-)

Cik Jajika said...

Sebab wangsa walk tu xada 3D citer tu. Tp memang best kan? Paling tak logik part harimau masuk cincin. Haha...